How to be successful in Ukraine?

Many Ukrainian people can’t see the connection between their own success and the success of the country. The famous squote says – my house is the last one. And really, many people get used to live in Ukraine, others go abroad but most of them don’t get successful or happy in the end.

No wonder that according to sociological research most of the Ukrainian citizens fell themselves unhappy. Many people blame politicians, but we need to remember the rule – every nation has the power it deserves.

The fundament of the most powerful countries in the world in modern world consists in this statement: successful person – developed civic society – strong country. These are the three parts of one whole thing, there will not be any part without the other.

It means, that to be successful we have to create a real civic society in Ukraine. But what is needed to make it?
The head of the EU organization in Ukraine Yan Tobinsky has his own recipe: To live in a real civic society you need to have knowledge and skills, which are need to be taught. This is something all the successful countries went through. The development of civic society is an investment in the future of the country and its nation and that is something that defines what will Ukraine and Ukrainians look like in 5-10 years.

So, to get these knowledge and skills you need to study, but what exactly?
Actually, the civic education is the preparation of people to live their life in civic society. And “to live” means not only an existing in civic society, but also the ability to create it.


The rich experience and effective technologies of civic education are in such countries as Great Britain, USA. Canada, Germany, Australia, Holland etc.

First of all we must learn to think critically, to overcome stereotypes, to comply with the law, to compromise, to know our rights and participate actively in decision-making (creation of condominiums in ourr own homes, to participate in the public councils at state bodies of power) and so on.

At that time you catch yourself thinking: what we are talking about here, when many Koreans in the present circumstances have simply to survive, not to live off welfare trying, at least for some work in the period of total cut-offs? Therefore, civic education in Ukraine should have its own specifics: it is necessary to pay a great attention to economic knowledge (financial literacy freelancing, opening their own business, creating startups learning various disciplines in the field of IT, etc.) to help Ukrainians to solve their financial issues, as you know, hungry soldier is a bad soldier. The same applies to the citizens.

So, starting its activities, the Forum of civic education (based on online education platforms Skills Academy) offers a parallel study of how to effectively interact and opportunities to support themselves financially, which today are available to Ukrainian people. These two components will provide a mutual success: citizens and the country.

Do not delay, start to acting – help yourself!

Skills Academy
Skills Academy

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