Jan Tombinski Head of the European Deligation in Ukraine

To live in a real democratic society, one needs to have special knowledge and skills. Civic society development is an investment in the future of the country, and what Ukraine will achieve in that future depends only on this investment.

Denis Sylantiev Deputy of the Head of Committee on Family Affairs, Youth policy, Sports and Tourism of Ukrainian Parliament

I want to thank all the initiators of this project, because development of the civic society is one of the priorities of the development of our country, and I am ready to closely co-operate with the Project in this direction.

Igor Shoifot Venture investor, a shareholder in more than 50 startups. The company's founder, Microsoft WebTV Epsylon Games, vInternship.

“Awesome, and run by wonderful people!”

Olha Svirydenko Education Lead, Microsoft Ukraine

It’s nice to see the Skills Academy Initiative, which gives an opportunity to young people to find a job and get knowledge. Creating partnerships with (more…)

Svitlana Batsyukova expert on Advocacy, mobility programs manager in The National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine

Thank you, Skills Academy team, for making video-lecture on Advocacy! Love your work very much! I hope the audience will enjoy it too.

Sysun Vladlen The head of the European Project “The development of professional competensionsof Ukrainian Specialists”

The team of the project has a great seeing of the future of the project and not only works with the new trends but actually creates them. The environment that is being created between the great amount of people and the employer.

Elina Foinskaya Head of European Democrat Students working group

Thanks to unordinary education you become more prepared for the tough world of carrier fight.
It is great when you set your own goals and reach them, getting a priceless experience and development.

Oktiabrina Lisovska Founder and managing partner of the group of social business O2

The project helps to connect people that share the same opinions with useful people and projects, helps with the communication and helps with the development of responsibility of specialists.

Olena Pravylo Chairman of the Board of the NGO "Congress of Culture activists"

Skills Academy propose the formed levels and courses, that you can pass and set yourself new goals is a great example of how the everyday winnings can bring you to the bigger achievements and winnings.

Iryna Miniaylo Director of development in Bogush Time

Your team gives an example of how to use our opporrtunities and succeed in every life situations. Good luck in your goals realization!

Светлана Бацюкова
Сысун Владлен
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What the Users Say?

To combine online and offline training with employment

I met Projects, when I got to one of the events organized by this team. I really enjoyed the event, both in terms of organization and in terms of content. I was very pleasantly surprised when I learned that this team wants to combine online and offline training with employment. So I got on the Skills Academy.
I wish you strength is the inspiration. You will succeed!

Александр Бык Olexandr Byk Activist
I like to get something new

Last spring I accidently found out about the main ideas of the Skills Academy project and they were just great. Finally the Ukrainian internet got a platform where you can do interesting things and spend time, without any troubles learning new courses. I’m just fond of effective use of time so I like to get something new from online courses and I always felt the lack of good Ukrainian metrials.

Сергей Прокопенко Sergii Prokopenko IT Analyst Intelliarts Ltd.
When the educational level decreases

Highly interesting and useful project, especially in our times. When the educational level decreases, it’s nice to see that there are teams, that are ready to help people using their own strength and mind, to get new knowledge and skills. I am sure that this project has a great future!

Андрей Никишаев Andrew Nilishaev CEO
Wishing all the luck

Wonderful project! Now is the time the youth in all the world is lacking the practical skills in entrepreneurship, civil rights. The system of the social lift is not organized. I am glad that there’s a project which helps to find the answers to these questions. Wishing all the luck and new achievements to the team!

серебрякова Lubov Serebriakova freelance
Any project consists of 2 important components

Any project consists of two important components – the idea and the people. The idea of the project actually solves one of the biggest problems of today’s youth – the adaptation to the modern life. Besides, the possibility to create such platform for self-development and employment by your own without government’s help another time shows that if there’d a need in society and the desire from volunteers than everything’s possible! And this is important, because the more different people are there in the team that can find the same vision – the more interesting it will be in it’s realization.

Крючок Мария Maria Kriuchok activist
Rapidly developing

There’s a high development of an information technologies sphere in Ukraine, but there was a long period of time when it didn’t combine with an educational sphere. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the same governmental initiative, but I am glad that there’s now and educational online project Skills Academy, which, I assure, has a great future!

mamedov_isknder Iskander Mamedov student