Webinar on the topic “State Administration System and self-government”

We leave in the young country. Historical events are changing nation’s fate, but our own happiness, professional success and vector for branch development we can and have to create ourselves.

In order to achieve this goal, a webinar on the topic “State administration system and self-government” was held in frames of non-Conference “EdCamp”. The main aim of webinar was to get a tangible result from ideas and consolidated thoughts of the brightest minds who manage people. Mariya Boguslav told the audience about the situation in human capital administration in Ukraine, world experience and the young reformer’s vector for development of labor relations.

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Seminar on the topic “Digital Literacy”


In the Information Center of Kharkiv regional employment center, Presentation of Skills Academy educational project “Trends in IT-literacy and employment of young specialists” for leaders of student employment centers and personnel structures of higher educational institutions of Kharkov, which are engaged the issue of employment of students took place.

Manager of Skills Academy Project “Trends in self-education and employment of young specialists” Mariya Boguslav briefed the participants on the main stages of self-education and self-development programs, namely: how to find a job, how to become a freelancer or an entrepreneur, how to influence decision-making, etc .. All the participants were given printing materials, posters and leaflets for further students’ informing.


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Teleconference «Ukraine – EU»


The first teleconference “Ukraine – EU” about the opportunities, tools and projects that are open for Ukrainian students and teachers was held in Kiev. The event was held as part of the Civic Education Forum which is being implemented on the basis of the Platform Skills Academy (SkillsAcademy.com.ua).
The teleconference was attended by experts from Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Ukrainian experts, including Ukrainian representative office of the “Erasmus+”.

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The WE Generation


Take a look around!

There are young guys and cute girls all around among us! They are already smiling to strangers on the streets. They are not rude in shops, read classical literature and are interested in everything new. They can stand up for themselves and they know their rights. They have a lot of friends. Just like them – pleasant and sincere. They are 18 years old but it feels like more. They dress in second hands, despise glamour, and expensive things seem to be useless for them. But they appreciate the good and comfortable phones, with which they communicate and plan their day, listen to music, read books, play … They do not watch TV. They are delighted by very different things.

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